Targeted Care for Regaining Strength
Rehabilitation Therapy

Regency on Whidbey incorporates Rehabilitation Therapy as an integral part of recovery. Seniors often lose physical strength or other faculties when they experience injuries and illnesses. Regency on Whidbey provides a spectrum of therapies to let you or your loved one regain the independence and quality of life you deserve. Through physical, occupational, and speech and language therapies, our residents get beyond the setback to truly heal.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on physical movement and mobility and promotes health and fitness. PT can help you regain strength after a long bed stay or after experiencing physiological injuries and illnesses.

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Occupational Therapy

Sometimes seniors need help regaining strength and coordination to manage daily activities. This is where Occupational Therapy (OT) can help. OT may focus on movement, balance, hand-eye coordination, vision and perception, and thinking skills related to daily living.

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Speech & Language

Some illnesses interfere with speech and language, which can be very hard on seniors socially and mentally. Speech and Language Therapies have come a long way in helping people regain their ability to communicate effectively.

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Coordinated Care

Our experienced Rehabilitation Therapy team works closely with our Skilled Nursing team, family members, and loved ones to create a recovery plan that suits each resident’s unique needs. If a resident is going home after therapy care, the team works to ensure a smooth transition, working to train family members and recommending community resources and programs. Outpatient Therapy is available for those who need additional strengthening assistance upon returning home.

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Resident painting at Regency on Whidbey in Oak Harbor, Washington

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