Culture and values at Regency Pacific Management

Our Culture, Our Values

Regency Pacific strives to exceed the following values:


We believe that every life moment is defined by relationships. By understanding and building strong relationships with our residents, their family members, and healthcare providers, we can deliver the highest level of care.


We are empowered and encouraged to continually look for new and innovative ways to improve our services and care for our residents.


We strive towards service excellence by creating an environment that enhances the lives of our residents, their families, and our employees.


We are passionate about delivering the highest level of patient-centered care and services to the residents we serve each day.


We embrace every opportunity to impact life moments by recognizing the unique qualities of each individual, while bringing independence to living and quality to life.


We recognize the importance of partnering, taking an active role, and building strong ties with the communities we serve.


We ensure that trust is a fundamental component to building strong, successful relationships with our residents, families, employees, and communities.