Respite Care at Sun Terrace Prosser in Prosser, Washington

A Well-Deserved Rest
Short-Term Respite Care

If you are taking care of a senior loved one in your home, you understand how rewarding and demanding one-on-one care can be. Caregiving can wear down a loved one both physically and emotionally over time, creating strains on your relationship and your health. Sun Terrace Prosser provides short-term Respite Care for home caregivers who need to travel or just need a bit of a break. Our short-term residents receive the same quality care that our long-term residents receive plus access to all of our fabulous amenities and services, so you can rest easy.

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A Welcomed Break for All

At Sun Terrace Prosser, our team is experienced in making short-term guests feel welcomed and comfortable while taking care of their unique needs. We meet with residents and caregivers to create a care plan before your stay to make sure everything is addressed. Many of our short-term residents enjoy it so much, they decide to make Regency their home. When you turn to Sun Terrace Prosser for Respite Care, you can truly relax and recharge knowing your loved one is getting the best care possible.

Residents from Sun Terrace Prosser on a hike in Prosser, Washington
Resident painting at Sun Terrace Prosser in Prosser, Washington

Feel the Love
Stay in Touch

Caretaker holding a residents hand at Sun Terrace Prosser in Prosser, Washington
Resident using a tablet at Sun Terrace Prosser in Prosser, Washington

A Personal Touch
A Caring Community