Respite Care at Regency Pacific

Regency Pacific
Respite Care

We understand that many families and caregivers enjoy providing care for their loved ones at home. But sometimes the physical, emotional and financial consequences can be overwhelming without outside support. Regency Pacific Management's Respite Care Program provides that support.

Our Respite Care Program offers short-term, temporary residence in one of our communities. This solution gives families and caregivers a chance to relax and enjoy their own time, knowing that their loved one is in a comfortable, caring environment.

We offer a community-wide continuum that provides several options for short-term respite stays. Our short-stay residents receive the same services all residents enjoy, including the opportunity to participate in our rich activities and social events.

We welcome your loved one to stay in any of our Respite Care Communities for just a week- or for however long they choose. In fact, most of our short-stay residents tell us how quickly they feel right at home- and become a part of the community- that many choose to stay for the longer term.

Short stay respite programs vary by location. Please check with the individual community to learn more about their short stay respite program.